The Special Court for Sierra Leone and the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone, Freetown and The Hague

News and Press Releases


Judges End Plenary, Elect Jon Kamanda as RSCSL President.
13 December 2018

Kondewa Granted Conditional Early Release as RSCSL Moves Forward on Completion Strategy.
9 July 2018

Residual Special Court Remembers Former Prosecutor Sir Desmond de Silva, QC.
5 June 2018

War Crimes Convict Completes Sentence.
28 May 2018

CDF Convict Allieu Kondewa Granted Conditional Early Release, With Ten Months Delay.
30 May 2017

Judges End Plenary, Elect Justice Renate Winter as President.
5 December 2016

Judge Desmond Babatunde Edwards Sworn in as RSCSL Justice.
1 December 2016

Alex Tamba Brima's Body Returned to Sierra Leone, Cause of Death Established.
21 June 2016

Alex Tamba Brima Dies in Rwanda.
9 June 2016

Moinina Fofana Will Face Stricter Conditions for Violating Terms of his Conditional Early Release.
25 April 2016

Statement by Registrar Binta Mansaray on the Death of Justice George Gelaga King.
6 April 2016

Moinina Fofana Admits Violating Terms of His Conditional Early Release Agreement.
18 March 2016

Plenary of Judges Considers Legacy, Charts Way Forward.
3 December 2015

Taylor Application to Appeal Decision on his Motion for Transfer to Rwanda Denied.
21 May 2015

Trial Chamber Denies Taylor Motion to Serve His Sentence in Rwanda.
25 March 2015

CDF Convict Moinina Fofana Returned to Bo.
16 March 2015

Statement by RSCSL Prosecutor Brenda J. Hollis on the Conditional Early Release of Prisoner Moinina Fofana.
13 March 2015

CDF Convict Moinina Fofana Granted Conditional Early Release, Will Complete His Sentence in Bo.
12 March 2015

Resolution of the 7th Colloquium of Prosecutors (Prosecution.)
5 November 2014

Binta Mansaray Appointed RSCSL Registrar.
30 September 2014

Robert H. Jackson Center Hosts Eighth Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs (Prosecution)
Chautauqua Declaration
26 August 2014

Moinina Fofana Granted Conditional Early Release, After Six More Months in Prison.
11 August 2014